“There’s that same sense of oneness with the elite jazz-blues lineage- from Bessie Smith to Ma Rainey to Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan and Nancy Wilson- underscored by fiercely individualistic style and a generous dollop of gospel grounding.”




M’Balia is proud to have been selected as a 2017-2018 Jazz-Artist-in-Residence at the Kimmel Center. Along with Doug Hirlinger, Ursula Rucker, Tim Motzer, and John Swana, M’Balia will be collaborating on a suite entitled Dear Philadelphia.

“For this project, I’ve been ordering my thoughts and research on the young lives lost to gun violence, the documentation of our tragic and true history through public monuments, and the socio-economic mobility within Philadelphia neighborhoods.  After 3 public workshops, I am encouraged by the hard questions we continue to ask, and the engaged feedback from the audiences, and I hope that discussion continues beyond our final performance….”

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